Santa Trauma

dedicated to documenting the not entirely unreasonable fear of giant white bearded elves in red pantsuits

Our Story

After driving past the long line of parents and kids lined up outside Nordstrom's in downtown Seattle on a cold rain-soaked morning, my husband and I decided to head to the suburbs. We drove the thirty minutes it took to find an indoor Santa. My husband stood in the cozy indoor line with our daughter Sadie Pearl while I headed out in search of white tights and black patent leather shoes to complete our 7 month old's first Christmas outfit. The tights were easy, but thirty minutes later, I still hadn't found a pair of shoes. I confirmed that my husband was still in line, and I went into one of the giant department stores. $40 bought us a pair of ridiculous patent leather shoes, and I rushed back to find my family at the front of the line. Our generally happy baby calmly took her place on Santa's lap and then we backed out of the shot. The screaming started just in time for the snap. The photographer pointed out that one of the screaming terrified poses almost looked like a smile if you squinted, so we picked that one. We paid for our photo, headed home, and decided that we had to create We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Jennifer Maas (Sadie Pearl's Mom)